Residencies in The Arts


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As part of our core mission, WTSNPEC we have created and are currently offering a variety of Residency stays to students and professionals in The Arts their organic flow with the Natural Sciences/Conservation and Ecology.

Current Residency Opportunities beginning April 27, 2014:
Willowtail Preserve/Education Center is pleased to announce a one-week Residency in the Arts.
This week long Residency can be scheduled anytime between
June 10-December 31, 2014.
Applications are due by midnight June 5, 2014.

Submit applications to:
Applications can be accessed at:
Go to ‘Residencies’, scroll down to ‘Applications in the Arts and Sciences.

Please direct questions to: or

Past Residency Visitors

Visual Artists:

March 30-April 6, 2014, One Week Artist-in-Residency,
In Partnership with Durango Art Center
Jane Pederson, Handmade Paper and Book Artist

“The Artist-in-Residency which I recently completed is the first collaboration of its kind for between the Durango Art Center and WTSNPEC and is part of The Art Revolution Program. It is the first part of what the art community hopes will become a regular opportunity for artists to explore their genre.

Why is a residency program important for artists? After all, most of us have a “residence” and mine even includes a lovely space set aside for my work.
However, what my home doesn’t provide is the opportunity to place oneself in a pure and serene environment, free of the distractions of everyday life. Anyone who works at leading an active and fulfilling life knows how much effort goes into maintaining it. For me,, like many others, this includes maintaining a home, a comfortable space, feeding the fire, taking care of pets, interacting and at times prioritizing time with family and friends, attending board position, and organizational commitments,regular exercise.  Tending  to the home phone, the cell phone, the emails, the work phone, and oh, I almost forgot, responsibilities to my job.

Obviously, art is not created in a vacuum, one needs a truly balanced and experimental life to eventually become creative.  Often, making the transition from regular person to artist becomes very difficult.  For some, like myself, it requires a detachment and focus that few people I know have been able to fully accomplish.

I found this transition possible in my residency at Willowtail Springs. Peggy and Lee Cloy have the spirit and energy to make this opportunity work, as evidenced by the quiet, peace, and permission I found while spending my week at Willowtail. They anticipated my every need and their non-intrusive emotional support was invaluable.

The “give back” component of these residencies to the community through teaching or other ways is a very important piece for allowing artists to share both their expertise and their love of their work with others. Artists can be rather isolated in their working environments or shy and modest about their work.  Through this “give back” , others can be inspired not only by the power of an artist’s creativity but the truth their belief in the value enhances world views.”

August, 2014, One Week Artist-in-Residency
Deborah Sussex, Paint, Photography


“My week at WTSNPEC allowed me to fill the well of my inner artistic reservoir.  Life is hectic and full of distractions.  For me, the months prior to my time at Willowtail were busting at the seams.  I appreciated the unique opportunity to separate myself from typical responsibilities which have a way of distracting my artist brain.  My week in a peaceful, beautiful, and supportive atmosphere allowed my artist brain to, once again, tune into sounds, smells, observations, details and all the magic of the moments where the littlest things in life seem utterly important.  In addition, I regained momentum for carrying out some daily patterns that are part of my artistic process; writing, reading, sketching, painting, image making…all on a daily basis, with regularity and zest!”

June, 2014, One Week Artist-in-Residency
Elizabeth Kinahan, Paint


“The grounds that Peggy and Lee have cultivated make you feel like you’re a million miles away, perfectly suited to getting lost in inspiration and total beauty. Such a place is exactly what an artist needs to incite fresh creativity, a new perspective, and a natural inclination to push work further. All other things fall to the side in the present moment, birds flutter from tree to tree, chime out their melodies. I am reminded of what is truly important in life. During my week at Willowtail I was afforded the time to truly be in the space they have created. I was able to observe my own creative process, from the moment of inspiration to the completion of a piece. I allowed myself the time to sit and draw from life which I do not often do. I saw the benefits immediately. I immersed myself in a new world, watched the way it influenced my brush. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, one that I will draw on for years to come.”

January , 2014, One Month Artist-in-Residency
Barbara Grist, Photography


Natural Aged Tree Stump, Grasses & Cattail

“The experience of being at Willowtail Springs is not easy to put into words, it is something you need to feel.  My month long artist residency at Willowtail is just what I needed to feed my artistic soul.  Time to be awakened each morning by the light coming into my bedroom window and then have the time to watch it’s rays fall on objects in it’s path until dark.  My senses had time to open up and soak in all the variety of things that create an experience.  Willowtail Springs is a perfect place to let the muse back into an artist’s life in a peaceful, beautiful and comfortable setting.”


Alan Furst

“Fast weather, sweet air, long dusk and coyotes with moonlight….. You’ll write here whether you want to or not.” Alan Furst, author of Red Gold and The World at Night, (parts of which were written at Willowtail Springs.) Also author of recent novel The Spies of Paris, made into a BBC miniseries.

Annie Perkins

annieperkinsbookdrawing“To Lee and my friend ‘The Lady of the Lake’ Peggy, Willowtail Springs. The magical energy here helped me with the inspiration to finish my first book. It caused me to discover that the place I had chosen to stay was the place I had already visualized for the book!” Annie Perkins, Author Illustration by Michael Brooker from Little Two Feathers Flies Home, Enchanted Forest Publishing

Tammi Hartung

“Dear Peggy and Lee, yet again, I arrived here exhausted and leave relaxed and rejuvenated. It is such a glorious thing! The Cottage is an embracing place to listen to birdsong and RAIN –blessed rain. I was able to get some work done on the new book project , read….Perfect.” Herbalist, Tammi Hartung. Owner of Desert Canyon Farms, Canyon City, CO. Author of: 101 Herbs that Heal, Homegrown Herbs, The Wildlife Friendly Wildlife Gardener and How to Grow Food in Harmony with Nature, coming out December, 2013. Annual visitor to Willowtail Springs

Composers, Songwriters and Musicians of all genres have visited and created at Willowtail:


“I was able to launch the musical composition project, a bird song cycle, which had been brewing for years.” Michael, San Francisco String Quartet, San Francisco, CA

Annie Gallup

“Peggy and Lee, my spirit is refreshed after my stay. I wrote a poem for you and began several new songs.” Annie Gallup, Artist, Musician, Poet

Tai Chi:

The emphasis is on health, balance and the development of continual regeneration in the body. Participants can arrange for a Tai Chi lesson or a series of lesson with Lee during a stay with us, no matter what other subject area they are pursuing with a Residency. The emphasis is on health, balance and the development of continual regeneration in the body.

Lee’s students

“Tai Chi has lowered my blood pressure and reduced the medication required.” “Improved my stance and movement while performing daily chores, thus reducing physical stress on my body.” “Lee’s smooth and soft form of Tai Chi, like swimming in air, is restorative to my body which call upon its own healing energies through meditative movement.” “Lee’s teaching brings a wholeness and connectedness to all parts of my life.” “Willowtail Springs has a gentle magic which is a powerful catalyst for transformation. I benefited from A top quality presenter in Lee Cloy for Tai Chi push hands.” Caitlin Howell, Master of Divinity, Wholistic teacher and consultant.”